Relapse b&wA Whether it be nature, the sounds of the city, a piece of music, or even a conversation, Relapse draws inspiration from the world around him. And just as there are a myriad of rhythms in the world around us, his production and musical styles are diverse and numerous. Taking early influence from punk, extreme metal, and bits of classical (Dvorak, Bach, Glass, Stockhausen, Satie, Morricone) through vast swathes of the electronic spectrum, Relapse landed at Jungle / DnB / Breakcore around 18 years old. End.user’s “Not so Distant Drums” was the first piece of music to inspire him to produce. The marriage of beautiful, ethereal Eastern music, with hectic drum programming and cavernous bass had a great impact on his perception of the things that could be done in the studio. That fusing of east&west, hot&cold, calm&frantic stuck with him and is evident when you listen to the music he writes.

Relapse leads off the launch of SonicTerror Digital with his tracks “Voyager” and “Introverted Self”. Both tracks are a great representation of his attention to detail and drum work as well as the artistic flow that he finds in the world around him. Relapse has also seen releases on other labels such as Jungle Syndicate Recordings, Pinecone Moonshine, and most recently Dub Clinique. Keep your eyes and ears ready for various projects from Relapse as well as his initial and future releases with SonicTerror.