NLIC B&Wa Based in New Orleans, NLIC serves as A&R and partner on SonicTerror Records with End.user. Originally from North Carolina, he was led to all things broken beat by his roots in hip hop, punk, and industrial. Immediately drawn to the world of DnB by it’s fast pace and aggression, NLIC began DJing in the late 90’s. Focusing more on event production and DJing while in North Carolina, as opposed to music production, he eventually left and made his way to New Orleans at the end of ’06. It was while living here that he met End.user and the two started working on projects together and decided to collaborate on the revival of SonicTerror. Forging a great friendship, the two have played various shows and had interesting travels in the U.S. and E.U. with their tag-a-long R2.

NLIC is also a member of the M.I.A. DnB crew based out of Chicago and has had releases on the DnB Guild and the sister label of Elm Imprint, Faction Digital. With goals of upping his time spent producing, NLIC looks forward to not only bringing you music from the many great artists of SonicTerror but also from himself. You can look for him to be hitting the road again in ’16 to bring the sounds of SonicTerror and other great DnB/Breakcore labels to an area near you.